Category Gear oil for automatic transmissions

Item number 1213101

Oil type Mineral

Recommendation Allison C4, Caterpillar TO-2, MAN 339 Typ A, MB 236.2, Renk Doromat, Type A Suffix A (TASA)

Application Passenger car, Oldtimer

RAVENOL ATF Fluid is designed on the basis of mineral refined base oils with a special additive and inhibition, which guarantee a perfect function.

RAVENOL ATF Fluid is a very high quality mineral gear fluid for automatic fluid couplings and torque converters as well as power steering aids.

Application Note

RAVENOL ATF Fluid should be used according to the instructions of the unit manufacturer in:Automatic transmissions, turbo couplings, servo clutches and other hydrostatic and hydrodynamic systems.

RAVENOL ATF Fluid must not be used if ATF Type DEXRON B or DEXRON D or ATF Type M2C-33 E / F / G are expressly mentioned as filling instructions.


  • Exceptionally good resistance to aging
  • A very good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Effective protection against wear
  • Very good oxidation stability and low foaming tendency
  • Enhanced protection against corrosion
  • An extremely low pour point
  • Compatible with all types of sealing materials
  • Miscibility and compatibility with all brands of ATF's with Type A Suffix A specification

Technical Product Data

Colour Rot VISUELL
Viscosity at 100 °C 7,4 mm²/s DIN 51562-1
Viscosity at 40 °C 34,6 mm²/s DIN 51562-1
Viscosity Index VI 187 DIN ISO 2909
Density at 20 °C 848,0 kg/m³ EN ISO 12185
Flashpoint 210 °C DIN EN ISO 2592
Pourpoint -48 °C DIN ISO 3016