RAVENOL ATF SP-IV Fluid is synthetic automatic transmission oil ATF on the basis of the latest technology of the HC/HT hydrocrack oils which is made for 6-stroke Hyundai automatic transmission.The special formulation provides superior properties compared to a similar ATF.

RAVENOL ATF SP-IV Fluid meets the requirements of the latest gear oil specifications from Hyundai.

Application Note

RAVENOL ATF SP-IV Fluid is recommended for all vehicles with Hyundai 6-stroke automatic transmission A6LF1/2/3, A6GF1, A6MF1/2 from 2009. Follow the recommendations of the instruction manual of your vehicle.


  • phenomenal resistance of lubricant failure under hard operating conditions
  • a long oil durability, extension of the durability of the transmission, offers longer changing inter
  • vals
  • phenomenal resistance of oil sludge and deposit accumulation
  • an excellent corrosion protection, a much better foaming resistance for a smooth switching operation
  • as well
  • as a lower corrosion of the bearings, sleeves and gear wheels
  • an excellent flow behaviour at low temperatures
  • a constant switching operation performance, optimised friction characteristics
  • prevention of coupling grinding regarding modulation rotary conversion
  • a long durability of oil and coupling, offers a smooth switching operation at low temperatures
  • an improved shear stability

Technical Product Data

Density at 20 °C 838,0 kg/m³ EN ISO 12185
Colour rot VISUELL
Pourpoint -54 °C DIN ISO 3016