RAVENOL Getriebeoel PSA SAE 75W-80

Category Gear oil for manual transmissions and drive axis

Item number 1222100

Specification API GL-4

Oil type Semi-Synthetic

Recommendation PSA Standard B 71 2315

Application Passenger car

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PSA SAE 75W-80 is a high-quality solvent refined base oil based semi-synthetic multi-grade transmission oil with special EP (extreme pressure) properties.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PSA SAE 75W-80 has a special formula for outstanding wear protection and lubrication properties.

Application Note

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PSA SAE 75W-80 is used in manual shift transmissions requiring trouble-free lubrication.

RAVENOL Getriebeoel PSA SAE 75W-80 can be used in manual transmissions where the manufacturer specifies a low-viscosity oil.


  • Outstanding oxidation protection.
  • Low viscosity in low temperatures.
  • Excellent wear protection.
  • Enhanced EP properties.
  • Good foaming properties.
  • Neutral to sealants.
  • Outstanding protection from rust and corrosion.

Technical Product Data

Density at 20 °C 843,0 kg/m³ EN ISO 12185
Colour hellbgelb VISUELL
Viscosity at 100 °C 8,5 mm²/s DIN 51562-1
Viscosity at 40 °C 43,1 mm²/s DIN 51562-1
Viscosity Index VI 178 DIN ISO 2909
Brookfield Viscosity at -40 °C 52.500 mPa*s ASTM D2983
Pourpoint -39 °C DIN ISO 3016
Flashpoint 234 °C DIN EN ISO 2592
Copper Strip Test at 121 °C 1b ASTM D130