RAVENOL TTC Premix -40°C Protect C11

RAVENOL TTC Trad. Techn. Coolant Premix -40°C is a ready to use, prediluted eco-friendly 1.2- Ethanediol (monoethylene glycol) based nitrite, amine and phosphate-free coolant for cooling circuits in combustion engines which provides maintenance-free corrosion and frost protection. The product is formulated as a long-term coolant based on a proven inhibitor development.

The quality of an antifreeze is no longer just determined by the antifreeze effect (which automatically exists in an ethylene-glycol based product), but by the rust protection.

That is why automakers subject antifreeze to lengthy corrosion and cavitation tests.

RAVENOL TTC Trad. Techn. Coolant Premix -40°C protects the cooling system from rust, frost, and in summer, from overheating.

Application Note

RAVENOL TTC Trad. Techn. Coolant Premix -40°C is a prediluted coolant with frost and rust protection for year-round use in automotive engines.

Even in summer coolant must contain enough antifreeze to ensure good corrosion and overheating protection.

Instructions: Add RAVENOL TTC Trad. Techn. Coolant Premix -40°C to radiator to fill line.


  • Excellent for light metal engines
  • Good reserve alkalinity
  • High-quality corrosion additives for optimal corrosion protection
  • Elastomer compatible with elastome

Technical Product Data

Colour gelb-grün fluoreszent VISUELL
Density at 20 °C 1080,0 kg/m³ EN ISO 12185
Freezing point -40 °C ASTM D1177
pH - value at 20 °C 7,8 ASTM D1287