RAVENOL Super Synthetic Truck SAE 5W-30

Category Truck engine oil

Item number 1121101

Viscosity 5W-30

Specification ACEA E6, ACEA E9, API CI-4

Oil type Synthetic

Approvals MAN M 3477, MB-Freigabe 228.51

Recommendation Cummins CES 20076, Cummins CES 20077, DAF HP-2, Deutz DQC III-10 LA, JASO DH-2, Mack EO-N, MAN M 3277, MB 226.9, MTU Typ 3.1, Renault RLD-2, Renault RXD, Scania LDF, VOLVO VDS-3

Application Truck, Agricultural machinery

RAVENOL Super Synthetic Truck SAE 5W-30 is a synthetic, diesel saving “Low SAPS” lorry motor oil based on the latest additive technology, with very special base oils. It was developed specifically for diesel engines under extreme conditions for use in any season. Excellent for use in EURO 4 and EURO 5 engines along with low-sulphur diesel. RAVENOL Super Synthetic Truck SAE 5W-30 is suitable for use in engines with or without particle filter and catalytic converter.

The cold viscosity SAE 5W ensures reliable cold starting in extreme temperatures (low cold-starting wear) and the quickest possible supply to all lubricating points. The high-temperature viscosity SAE 30 safely masters extreme stress. Friction loss and wear are reduced.

Application Note

RAVENOL Super Synthetic Truck SAE 5W-30 is an all-season Low SAPS high performance commercial vehicle motor oil fine tuned for the new exhaust emission directives. All-season use in EURO IV and EURO V engines.

RAVENOL Super Synthetic Truck SAE 5W-30 is suitable for oil change intervals according to manufacturer specifications to over 100,000 km.


  • Outstanding detergent properties, no residues in the engine
  • Outstanding dispersing properties – prevents cold sludge and residue formation
  • Extends the life of the particle filter by reducing the tendency to form particles
  • Low sulphate ash-, phosphorus- and sulphur content “Low SAPS
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Outstanding oxidation stability
  • Outstanding high temperature stability, high viscosity index
  • Low fuel consumption for cost effectiveness
  • Outstanding cold starting properties

Technical Product Data

Density at 20 °C 849,0 kg/m³ EN ISO 12185
Colour braun VISUELL
Viscosity at 100 °C 12,15 mm²/s DIN 51562-1
Viscosity at 40 °C 70,8 mm²/s DIN 51562-1
Viscosity Index VI 170 DIN ISO 2909
HTHS Viscosity at 150 °C 3,7 mPa*s ASTM D5481
CCS Viscosity at -35 °C 5530 mPa*s ASTM D5293
Low Temp. Pumping viscosity (MRV) at -40 °C 18.300 mPa*s ASTM D4684
Pourpoint -42 °C DIN ISO 3016
Noack Volatility 8,1 % M/M ASTM D5800
Flashpoint 228 °C DIN EN ISO 2592
tbn 10,8 mg KOH/g ASTM D2896
Sulphated Ash 0,96 %wt. DIN 51575