CategoryPassenger car motor oil

Item number1113305

Viscosity 50

Specification API CD, API SF

Oil type Mineral

Recommendation CCMC D1, CCMC G2, Ford ESE-M2C 153C, Ford SMM-2C 9011-A, GM 6085M, MIL-L-46152 B, MIL-L-46152 C

Application Passenger car, Truck, Agricultural machinery, Hobby and garden

RAVENOL Super HD 50 is a mineral mono grade engine oil for passenger car gasoline anddiesel engines with and without turbocharging, and is also suitable for commercial vehicle engines and vans under light loads which require this grade of oil. Designed to minimize friction and wear, the formulation ensures year round high lubricity throughout all operating conditions. Extended oil drain capability where recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Application Note

RAVENOL Super HD 50 is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines in cars, van and commercial vehicles with and without turbocharging under light loads which require this SAE 50 grade of oil.


  • Good shear stability
  • High oxidation stability
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behavior
  • Enhanced levels of detergent and dispersant for cleaner engines
  • Very good cold starting properties
  • Prevents formation of deposits and black sludge
  • High safety reserves even under boundary lubrication conditions
  • Catalyst suitability

Technical Product Data

Density at 20 °C kg/m³ 889,0 EN ISO 12185
Colour gelbbraun VISUELL
Viscosity at 100 °C mm²/s 18,4 DIN 51562-1
Viscosity at 40 °C mm²/s 200,1 DIN 51562-1
Viscosity Index VI 102 DIN ISO 2909
Pourpoint °C -21 DIN ISO 3016
Flashpoint °C 278 DIN EN ISO 2592
tbn mg KOH/g 7,4 ASTM D2896

All indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the commercial fluctuations.

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