RAVENOL Super Turbo SAE 20W-50

CategoryPassenger car motor oil

Item number1113126

Viscosity 20W-50

Specification ACEA A3/B4, ACEA E2, API CF, API CH-4, API SL

Oil type Mineral

Recommendation Cummins CES 20071, Deutz DQC II-10, Mack EO-M, MAN 271, MB 228.1, MB 229.1, MTU Typ 1, VOLVO VDS, VW 501 01, VW 505 00

RAVENOL SUPER TURBO SAE 20W-50 is a universal multigrade engine oil for passenger car gasoline and diesel engines with or without turbocharging. Excellent Features by special solvent refined base oils and special additives. Minimizes friction and wear, good cold start properties. Extended oil change intervals according to manufacturer instructions.

The high additive content of RAVENOL SUPER TURBO SAE 20W-50 guarantees an excellent effect, especially in regard to the detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties.

RAVENOL SUPER TURBO SAE 20W-50 is a top product with high safety reserves.

Application Note

RAVENOL SUPER TURBO SAE 20W-50 is used in passenger car gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharging, if the SAE 20W-50 is required.

RAVENOL SUPER TURBO SAE 20W-50 is miscible with all HD motor oils based on mineral oil.


  • Excellent detergent and dispersant
  • A good cold start performance
  • High oxidation stability
  • An excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Best wear protection
  • High safety reserves
  • Reduction of emissioins
  • Catalyst suitability

Technical Product Data

Density at 20 °C 876,0 EN ISO 12185
Colour braun VISUELL
Viscosity at 100 °C mm²/s 18,9 DIN 51562-1
Viscosity at 40 °C mm²/s 161,2 DIN 51562-1
Viscosity Index VI 133 DIN ISO 2909
CCS Viscosity at -15 °C mPa*s 6500 ASTM D5293
Pourpoint °Celsius -30 DIN ISO 3016
Flashpoint °Celsius 241 DIN EN ISO 2592
tbn mgKOH/g 11,3 ASTM D2896

All indicated data are approximate values and are subject to the commercial fluctuations.

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