RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus

Category Appliances

Item number 1350120

Application Hobby and garden

RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus is an universal fuel which can be used as an antifreeze, solvent and cleansing agent for the housekeeping, spare time, hobby, car, trade and industry.

RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus is an ethyl alcohol which is made from agricultural or organic alcohol of raw materials growing again and which is drugged with denaturant.

Because of its denaturing it is unsuitable for human consumption.

Application Note

RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus can be used to clean glass, marble, tiles, chrome, mirrors, etc.

RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus on a soft cloth and remove the pollution by rubbing.

RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus is also suitable for thinning alcohol-paint and to clean the brush.

RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus can also be used as the fuel for ethanol fireplaces without chimney.