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RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth. 1 L - 1151155-001

RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-Takt Fullsynth.

Fully synthetic
2- and 4-stroke engine oils
Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Peugeot, Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Argo, Dinli, Polaris

RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-TaktFullsynth. is a fully synthetic high quality green coloured engine oil based on PAO for 4-stroke small engines. A specially designed additive package and a formulation with special ingredients for a high viscosity index ensure for a clean engine and clean inlet and exhaust systems and thus proper lubrication and wear protection. RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-TaktFullsynth. due to its special additives and the selection of base oils and its viscosity an energy-saving operation of engines. Due to its special active ingredients ensures RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-TaktFullsynth. for a cleaner engine and clean inlet and exhaust systems.  RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-TaktFullsynth. is the product for optimal life of the machine.  RAVENOL SCOOTER 4-TaktFullsynth ensures an excellent cold start performance for optimum lubrication during the cold start phase.