RAVENOL Group: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH since 1946 and Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH since 2013
RAVENOL Group: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH since 1946 and Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH since 2013

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Image RAVENOL Carb Reiniger Spray
RAVENOL Carb Reiniger Spray is a special high active system cleaner to remove contaminations and deposits in the intake and throttle valve area. RAVENOL Carb Reiniger Spray has an excellent separation force against oil, grease, rubber, resin and varnish residues. RAVENOL Carb Reiniger Spray is used for carburetor cleaning and throttle valve cleaning of 2 and 4 stroke gasoline engines. RAVENOL ...
Image RAVENOL Auto-Politur
RAVENOL Autopolitur car polish is a high-gloss finish for car, boat and caravan with special additives.The use of natural carnauba wax provides super long-term protection and UV protection. RAVENOL Autopolitur car polish is suitable for all types of vehicle paintwork as well as for chrome, rim and window cleaning (not windscreen). RAVENOL Autopolitur car polish removes tar, bird dirt, tree resi
Image RAVENOL Fogging Oil
RAVENOL Fogging Oil is an anti-corrosion spray formulated to effectively protect cylinder walls, piston rings and other internal surfaces of engines against rust and corrosion during storage. Especially suitable for both inboard and outboard marine engines, generators, lawnmowers, snowmobiles and other engines subject to infrequent use. Application Note Ravenol Fogging Oil should be shaken well
Image RAVENOL Petroleum Extra
RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is a high quality petroleum distillate with good dissolving and cleaning properties. RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is a cleaning product, universally applicable in areas such as Metal and mechanical engineering, workshops, wood processing, agriculture and household. RAVENOL Petroleum Extra is used in the construction industry as a lamp fuel. RAVENOL Petroleum Extra excellentl
Image RAVENOL Antifrost Enteiser
RAVENOL Antifrost Enteiser is a ready to use winter screenwash antifreeze de-icer with freeze protection to -30 °C with a special pleasant CITRUS perfume, based on alcohols. RAVENOL Antifrost Enteiser eliminates quickly and thoroughly frost, snow and icing on car windows and headlights, thawed and frozen door locks and protects against new ice formation. Application Note RAVENOL Antifrost Ente...
Image RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel
RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel is a multi-purpose, universal general purpose lubricant, resin- and acid-free and therefore particularly suitable for the lubrication of high technology precision mechanics. RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel is dewaxed and treated in the hydrofinishing process and oxidizes itself only very slowly under UV and oxygen influence. RAVENOL Feinmechanik-Oel is also suitable for very f...
Image * RAVENOL Natur-Petroleum
RAVENOL Natur-Petroleum is a pure product of the petroleum distillation. It is an odorless clear, colorless liquid. Application Note RAVENOL Natur-Petroleum is for use in kerosene lamps and torches. Adjust the burner that the flame burns without smoke and soot. If necessary, re-adjust and refill. Observe the operating instructions of the lamp manufacturer. Do not pour in fire. The product is co
Image RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus
RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus is an universal fuel which can be used as an antifreeze, solvent and cleansing agent for the housekeeping, spare time, hobby, car, trade and industry. RAVENOL Brenn-Spiritus is an ethyl alcohol which is made from agricultural or organic alcohol of raw materials growing again and which is drugged with denaturant. Because of its denaturing it is unsuitable for human consump
Image RAVENOL Druckpumpzerstäuber 1L
# FEHLT # Application Note # FEHLT #
Image Putzpapier blau 2-lg. 500 Blatt
High-quality blue tissue wipe Particularly suitable for cleaning and absorbing viscous liquids such as oil and grease Very absorbent Intermediate glued and volume-embossed Areas of application: Heavy fuel oil, light oil, water, greases Quality standard: ISO9001, ISO14001 Roll diameter: 29cm Roll width: 22cm Roll Length: 190m PU: 2 rolls wrapped in foil Number of sheets: 500 sheets per roll Sheet
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