RAVENOL Group: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH since 1946 and Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH since 2013
RAVENOL Group: Ravensberger Schmierstoffvertrieb GmbH since 1946 and Deutsche Ölwerke Lubmin GmbH since 2013

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Image RAVENOL Silikon-Spray
RAVENOL Silikon-Spray is used for lubrication, care and maintenance of rubber, plastic and metal surfaces. The after flashing off the solvent and propellant gases colourless, tasteless and odourless product is physiologically inert, water resistant, radiation-resistant and weatherproofed. RAVENOL Silikon-Spray has been proven many times in contrast to many non-silicone-containing products under
Image RAVENOL Rostlöser MoS 2 Spray
RAVENOL Rostlöser MoS2 Spray is designed for the effective loosening of rusted connections, seized bolts, hinges and locks as well as offering short term water and moisture displacement from ignition contacts and electrical systems. Contains finely dispersed molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) solid lubricant for excellent lubrication properties and to provide long term protection against squeaks and cr...
Image RAVENOL Motorstarter-Spray
RAVENOL Motorstarter-Spray is a spray to increase the ignition of gasoline and diesel engines after prolonged disuse or adverse weather conditions. RAVENOL Motorstarter-Spray is a mixture of combustible solvents and compressed gases formulated to make it suitable for use in all petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, trucks, construction equipment, all types of marine and boat engines, as w
Image RAVENOL destilliertes Wasser
RAVENOL destilliertes Wasser is deionised distilled water and is manufactured using the ion exchangerprocess. In the course of this process, the water flows through a column filled with ion exchange resin. This has theability to exchange its accumulated ions for the ions present in the water. As the ion exchange resin cannot accumulate an infinite number of ions, they have to be “revived”, i.e
Image RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner Spray
RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner is an active foam cleansing spray with excellent moistening and cleansing properties, which delivers economical, rapid and streak-free cleansing. RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner Universal cleaning foam to quickly clean all of your vehicle's surfaces i.e. the bodywork or racing chassis and glass surfaces. RAVENOL Active Foam Cleaner is excellently suited to cleaning helme...
Image RAVENOL Terpentin-Ersatz
RAVENOL Terpentin Ersatz is an aromatic-free turpentine substitute diluent for oil-based paints and coatings such as synthetic resin, oil and paints.RAVENOL Terpentin Ersatz is an ideal cleaner for brushes and tools.RAVENOL Terpentin Ersatz removes dirt, paint and grease stains on linoleum, parquet and other surfaces.RAVENOL Terpentin Ersatz can be used indoors and outdoors. Application Note To...
Image RAVENOL Zweirad Reiniger
RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger removes trouble-free dirt like dust, oil, grease, brake dust on rims and plastic coverings etc. RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is very efficient because of the little required quantity. RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger doesn’t dissolve glue and varnish. RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is absolutely formaldehyde and phosphate-free. RAVENOL Zweirad-Reiniger is biodegradable up to 98 %. App...
Image RAVENOL Hochdruckreiniger-Konzentrat
RAVENOL Hochdruckreiniger-Konzentrat is a versatile, high quality, pressure washer concentrate suitable for use on vehicles of all types including motorcycles and mopeds, as well as for effective cleaning of rubber flooring, stone and flagged flooring, patios, tarpaulins, awnings, plastics, tiles and more. RAVENOL Hochdruckreiniger-Konzentrat is formulated to remove even the most resistant dirt ...
Image RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray
RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray is a spray oil for air filters made of foam. RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray guarantees an optimum air admission and prevents reliably the infiltration of water, dust, sludge and sand. RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray has excellent adhesive characteristics and the dirt remains in the filter. RAVENOL Air Filter Oil Spray has a good compatibility against rubber, varnish and
Image RAVENOL Air Filter Clean Spray
RAVENOL Âir Filer Clean Spray is a spray cleaner for air filters. It is developed for the cleaning of all kinds of foam air filters for the use in the country, town or for Quads. RAVENOL Âir Filer Clean Spray removes effectively old filter oil, dust, sludge and sand particles for an optimum air permeability. RAVENOL Âir Filer Clean Spray removes automatically and thoroughly crusted deposits and...
Image RAVENOL Kettenoel Off Road Spray
RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray is a chain grease which is especially developed for the chain lubrication under extreme loads of motor cross bikes and Quads. RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray is suitable for chains with or without ring sealings. It is recommended for O and X-rings. RAVENOL Kettenöl Off Road Spray has optimum applications in the country because dirt will be thrown-off easily becau...
Image RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray
RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray is a spray cleaner. Cleans thoroughly motor bike chains (off-road and country use) as well as chains of other vehicles. The product is suitable for all types of chains (O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring). RAVENOL Kettenöl Reiniger Spray removes quickly and completely deposits, oil, grease and dirt. Removes automatically and thoroughly crusted deposits and allows a quick and ...
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